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Super21 - Fuel Enhancer
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Super21 - Fuel Enhancer

180 gallon treatment.

Save Money

Here's your answer: Eniva Super21 is an advanced fuel enhancer that regulates and enhances your engine's combustion resulting in more power and reduced fuel consumption. Super21 is a proprietary micro-emulsion technology that provides a more complete burn of both gasoline and diesel fuels. This saves you money by improving fuel economy, increasing power and reducing pollution emissions.

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Save Money
Example shown is for illustration purposes only. Results may vary and may not be typical of what the consumer will achieve.

Benefits of Super21

  • Increased Fuel Economy (up to 25%)
  • Increased Horsepower (up to 10%)
  • Savings of up to $0.50/g of gasoline*
  • Octane Savings – save even more money by using “Regular” while getting the combustion benefits of “Premium”
  • Reduced toxic emissions and pollution
  • Cleaner & Smoother running engine – helps reduce ‘knocks or pings’
  • NO harmful ingredients such as solvents, MTBE, benzene, toluene or MMT
  • Use in all engine types: cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers and all gasoline and diesel motor engines.
  • Registered with the Unites States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Milage/Power boost

How Does Super21 Work?

Super21 uses advanced micro-emulsion technology. When added to fuel, it disperses immediately throughout the fuel tank forming highly-stable submicroscopic water droplets. Each droplet is encased in a protective membrane creating millions of tiny “water balloons.” When the fuel ignites in the combustion chamber, these droplets explode creating steam. This process absorbs heat energy and increases turbulence within the air and fuel mixture significantly improving the combustion process. This highly efficient burn actually steam cleans the engine from within and reduces toxic emissions. The result is improved fuel efficiency, better engine performance and reduced pollutants.


One of the major problems that engine designers face is how to vaporize all of the fuel and then efficiently mix that fuel vapor with exactly the correct ratio of air, all in the very short time available during the engine intake/compression stroke. Super21 fuel technology easily achieves the correct ratio by its specialized exploding micro-clusters.

How Does Super21 Protect and Clean My Engine?

When the Super21 micro-explosions occur against the surfaces of the combustion chamber, the carbon deposits disintegrate and completely burn away. This highly efficient burn creates a gentle steam cleaning effect in the engine and reduces toxic emissions. Any accumulated deposits are removed, and this helps to extend the life of your engine.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Extend Engine Life

Super 21 removes carbon deposits, which can extend oil life, extend engine life and prevent the formation of new engine deposits.

Where do carbon deposits come from? Impurities present in petroleum-based fuels can cause carbon deposits to stick to surfaces of the engine combustion chamber. The impurities also cause motor oil to become contaminated, dirty and sludgy which decreases performance. As abrasive carbon deposits build up in the engine, they cause greater friction and excessive wear. 

Super21 burns off existing carbon deposits with the highly-stable flashing of steam. This “cleans” your engine and prevents new deposits from forming with consistent use of Super21. And, this all takes place without harming your engine/catalytic converter. It also helps oil to stay clean (up to twice as long) extending the performance of the oil for improved lubrication. Overall, Super21 improves the performance of your engine, whether it is old or new, while reducing maintenance and repair costs. 

Less repair costs means more cash in your pocket. And, you may see a higher resale value with a well maintained vehicle.

Milage/Power boost

Actual Example of Super21 Cleaning Action
Super21 was used in a 2,000 horsepower diesel locomotive engine. Photographs show the engine before a routine 550,000 KM overhaul. Surfaces of combustion chambers (piston crowns, valves, and firing surfaces of heads) were virtually clean of deposits.

Increased Horsepower – Faster Acceleration

When you need to accelerate quickly, you can depend on Super21! An increase in engine power (up to 20%) is achieved from the enhanced combustion of the Super21 patented formula.

How Fuel Burns...

Regular fuel combustion produces large drops of fuel that may not burn completely. An inefficient burn results in the build-up of unwanted engine deposits and fuel residue. This can increase harmful emissions that contaminate engine oil, thus decreasing performance and engine life.

In contrast, fuel drops that are smaller (like in Super21) ignite faster and completely with no left over fuel particles (powerful acceleration). The Super 21 micro-emulsion technology explodes fuel drops before and during combustion making them smaller for more efficient vaporization and fuel use. It produces a “clean burn,” and it translates to powerful acceleration and a more efficient fuel burn for better fuel mileage.

A Smoother Ride

Engine knock or pinging is a annoying, and Super21 can help. Creating a cleaner combustion chamber with Super21 can reduce engine knocks and stress to help make your ride smooth and quiet. And, by keeping your engine clean, deposits related to pre-ignition and knocks that damage an engine can be reduced.

Lower Octane Fuel Usage

Higher grade octane fuel and octane booster additives can help with performance and mileage performance. But these expenses may not translate to savings in the long run. Super21 naturally keeps your combustion chamber clean. This helps the engine to run at a cooler temperature which produces significantly less Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. Because of the micro-emulsion firing of water droplets in Super21, it can be added to a lower octane fuel (Regular or Super instead of Premium grade), and you’ll still receive enhanced combustion. – In other words, you don’t need as high octane fuel because the Super21 helps fuel burn more efficiently and powerfully. – This translates to cash savings! And, you’re doing your part to cut down on harmful emissions in the environment.

Drive Green – Protect Our Environment


Eniva is dedicated to continuing its mission to support a vibrant lifestyle and a healthier tomorrow. Not only does Super21 perform outstanding car care, it reduces toxic emissions which include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other volatile organic compounds. With Super21, we can all do our part to help conserve energy, reduce the carbon footprint and reduce pollution. Super21 can significantly reduce the harmful emissions a car emits by as much as 98%! This can significantly improve the air we breathe while providing a solution for a cleaner and healthier environment.

EPA Registered

Super21 Fuel Enhancer has been registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) since 1990.

Over 20 Years of Research

Eniva Corporation has partnered with long-time pioneer in the nanotechnology fuel arena, H2Oil Corporation, to bring about a breakthrough fuel technology for the US marketplace. The result of this partnership is a product that has been developed and tested over decades of research and development with over 20 billion worldwide miles of testing behind it. The product is called Super21 (otherwise known as F2-21).

And just as impressive as the product, are the accolades of Super21’s manufacturer, H2Oil Corporation, Eniva's partner. H2Oil Corporation (USA) is the world leader in nanotechnology fuel applications and the only company whose effective high-tech liquid nanotechnology “green” fuel additives have been widely tested, used globally and internationally recognized:

PLEASE NOTE: In the statements below, Super21 is Eniva’s trade name for the product known as F2-21 produced by H2Oil Corporation.

Achievements & Recognition


Eniva Corporation

For over 13 years, Eniva has been committed to providing wellness solutions to Eniva families. Eniva products have specialized in health solutions for over a decade, and now, Eniva is expanding its impact to another category – an area affecting nearly every family in America today… the COST OF ENERGY.

When we talk about trends and what is important to most families, we know health is at the top of the list. And at the same time, you can't go into a coffee shop today without hearing about the high cost of energy – specifically fuel costs. Eniva's Super21 literally saves families thousands of dollars on their fuel costs… a technology that will literally pay us to use it. Super21 is a real solution for our economy and a healthy lifestyle.

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